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Print is a great option to reach an audience as they are captivated by a story, and next to that story is your message. Storytelling creates a feeling, and print media often has more time to convey the details of a story than other mediums. Locally, you have traditional paper advertising  with TDN and Regional Publications, Like the Wahkiakum County Eagle and The Columbia River Reader.

In our area, the newspaper has a reputation for a few things that you should be aware of.  Misinformation is something that makes our local newspaper stand out compared to other news publications.  Typically, Newspapers are ranked as one of the most trustworthy sources, however, in a local survey conducted in 2019*, Cowlitz County consumers indicated they believed TDN was less trustworthy than other news mediums.  This is not common among print publications, but has had an effect on the paper's circulation and audience. *survey conducted privately

The Columbia River Reader does not offer news, but you will find local events mentioned inside of the publication. The Columbia River Reader has connected with it the CRR Press, which is a fantastic selection of writers that contribute to the publication. The Reader is a great place to advertise because of it's cost effectiveness and overall trustworthiness.

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