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Radio Ads

Writing Radio Ads is an art form best described as "ever changing".  Once you find a style that works, the market and listenership changes direction, like the wind, leaving you tasked to find another breeze of inspiration to float on. 


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The Spot that almost got me sued. (not really)

This spot was a (near) finalist in a national copywriting competition.  The organization in question called me and announced how much they loved it, and expressed their concern for my safety should it make the finals.  Big Cat Rescue was also a finalist and should this make it, Carol herself would likely hear it.  I elected to withdraw it from the contest.

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The spot that made it to the finals

This is a jingle I produced in partnership with Tony Jones and Chad Wilson.  It was a finalist in the national Radio Mercury Awards.

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Stageworks Northwest

Stageworks visited our recording studio and we produced this epic reminder of the upcoming production. We mixed multiple versions with different, customized calls to action. Like "this weekend" or "tonight at stageworks northwest"

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coming soon

we're still locating some of our past projects.  we'll be adding to this shortly!

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