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This Sucks and That Sucks

The Pet Works in Downtown Longview Washington, is owned by a Husband and Wife team. They are exceptionally nice people with very developed strategies and ideas on business. They try new things, create with their teams and have harnessed the power of team leadership.

Rabid entrepreneurs do tend to run out of one piece of currency: time.

Having worked with this organization, managing their advertising and writing copy for them, when I went out on my own, they were my first client.

My first project was trying to fix their website. They admitted it was terrible and they hated it. So what can we do to fix the website?

Unfortunately, I found out the website is tied up in a POS System in one of their stores. Which the employees and owners detest. Like smart business people, they tested it at one store, so the damage was minimal, but it is a common point of contention among all the employees. I needed to fix the POS before I could address the website.

We took a few demos, and a few cracks at finding a new system that checked all the boxes, but finally we did. Right now, we are going to journey through time together. At the time of writing this section, the POS is almost installed and we're awaiting end user training and initial use, before passing judgement on this project's success.

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