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It's not the Economy... It's You!

Among talking about my favorite topic, Marketing, it's all too common to hear something like this:

"Things are just slow right now. It's the economy. Starting to slow down and head into a recession."

Yes. Recessions are real.

Yes. Economy slow downs are real.

But 9 out of 10 times that's not the actual issue. The real problem is your outlook on the problems ailed by your business. Even if the concern was truly "the economy", throwing your hands up in the air and saying "oh well, guess it's the economy" doesn't help solve anything.

Start addressing every problem, whether you attribute it to an external factor or not, as a solvable internal pivot point. You'll be surprised how this outlook and process can redefine your organization's overall strength and give you poise for the future.

"Yeah. Sure. Easy for the Keyboard Warrior to say in this blog... but what do you know?"

During COVID-19 shutdowns, one of the largest sectors negatively affected by the closures, was advertising. At that time, I was working for a 3 station radio group. I don't think i'm outing him by saying this... the president of the company was losing it. Certain his soon to be purchased investment was headed for pure destruction he was pacing his office one day when I approached him and said the following:

"If this business is truly destined to crash into the rocks, what kind of captain are you going to be? Confident until water is at your neck? Or are you going to manifest a negative reality for yourself and freak out the whole way there? Are you going to go down without a fight? Or not?"

I said some other things, now which I can't remember... but we came out of the conversation with a new outlook. That new outlook led the agency to hire 2 new people during covid, have all time high sales and re-established the stations as a bulletproof player in the market. 3 years later the stations were awarded Small Business of the Year from the Chamber of Commerce.

When shit hits the fan, are you gonna out-work the problem?

Or are you going to let the "economy" or some other "beyond your control" bullcrap drive the enterprise you worked to build?

The Man that says he can and the man that says he can't are both correct.

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